AVO  – Apprehended Violence Order

An AVO, or Apprehended Violence Order, is a court issued order against an individual because another person fears for their safety. The order is designed to protect against further violence, intimidation or harassment. Douglass & Ford can help in the following circumstances:

  • You have been served with an AVO or ADVO and are unsure of what it means or what you need to do. We can explain your right to contest the order, and provide representation at Court on your behalf.
  • You have fears for your safety or have been a victim of physical, sexual or psychological abuse. We can provide you with legal advice and help with lodging an AVO or ADVO. Find out more about the two types of AVOs here.

AVO Lawyer in Nowra

Both these situations can take a huge toll on your personal and professional life. Having an experienced criminal lawyer on your side can help relieve some of the stress and ensures you will receive accurate advice.

Douglass & Ford can also provide advice and representation regarding:

  • AVO breaches
  • AVO extensions
  • Local Court processes
  • AVO appeals to the District Court
  • Criminal Records & AVOs

Contact Nowra’s leading criminal lawyers today and protect your legal rights.